Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stegosaurus Hat

I made this hat for my nephew, Brodie a few months ago. He loved it and it looked so cute on him, but I may be a little partial. It was super easy to make. I got the pattern from http://www.totsandbottoms.blogspot/

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Double Crochet Purse

Double Crochet Purse


2 skeins yarn – you can use any weight but I used DK
2 plastic “O” rings
Tapestry needle
Hook size H 5.00 mm


Chain 55

Row 1- single crochet in chain, turn
Row 2-8 – repeat row 1 until 3 inches wide
Row 9- double crochet in single crochet, slip stitch
Row 10-26- repeat row 9, ss at end of each row
Row 27- 28- slip stitch, fasten off


Chain 100

Row 1- double crochet in chain, turn
Row 2-5- repeat row 1, fasten off

Fold strap over “O” ring and sew with tapestry needle to attach, repeat on other side

On other end of “O” ring, single crochet on ring, 8 stitches. Repeat with other ring

With tapestry needle, attach ring to purse sewing into the single crochet

Enjoy your purse!

Bottom of Purse
Fold over on O ring

Monday, March 21, 2011

Easy Crochet Flower

Here is an easy flower to make that takes just minutes. They are so fun and cute. You can attach them to any project! Enjoy!

Easy Crochet Flower

Materials needed- yarn, F needle, plastic O ring

Round 1- Anchor your yarn on the ring with a slip knot, SC all the way around circle to cover the plastic, SS to connect

Round 2- DC all the way around in the SC from round 1, SS to connect

Round 3- Chain 4, SC in next stitch from Round 2 DC, Repeat until all around.
Fasten off

For Larger Petals

Round 1-2 as above

Round 3- Chain 8, skip stitch from Round 2 DC, SC in next stitch, Repeat until all around
Fasten off

Crochet Belt

I used a pattern for circles I found that I made for earrings to make a belt. It was pretty easy to put together.

I have also listed some items on Etsy finally. My name is Majikthreads on there, so check it out.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crochet Earrings

My new obsession is crochet earrings. I dont know why, maybe it's the inner hippie in me? My mother in law requested that I make her some hot pink earrings and some "Harley" earrings. Here they are finished and I will have to get a pic of her wearing them to share later.

Pattern from: www.jpfun.com

Pattern from http://www.vickiehowell.blogspot.com/
These earrings were some that I stumbled upon online. Apprently a girl on this seasons American Idol wore them. I cant wait to wear them to work tomorrow. I am sure my co workers will give me some feedback, good and bad!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!

So, as everyone knows, I started crocheting scarves when I was learning. Everyone got them for Christmas this year. I have advanced in my scarf making abilities since then. I found really cool patterns for these scarves and I think they turned out pretty cool.

credit: 1craftyboy.com

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Project

Here is what I worked on this weekend. I think I developed carpal tunnel syndrome but I suppose it is worth it. Overall I think this turned out ok. It is very tedious and hard to keep it neet. I will try another one but thought that I would show you my first try. Excuse the ratty looking threads sticking out and the clasp looking funny....
From Craftstylish.com