Monday, September 26, 2011

Yarn Scarf

I made these scarves to sell on Etsy. I thought they would be easy to make and super cute. I for one as a gift a few years back for Christmas, not Hokie though.

I made them in Hokie team colors. They turned out so cute. But, they are a pain to make. Getting all of the yarn in stock, cutting the yarn and ribbon. trying to untangle it, etc, etc. So these will probably be the last ones I make. Enjoy!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Decorated Double Crochet Purse

This is the purse from the double crochet purse that I posted the pattern for on this blog. I decided to add some flair to it for my neice. I added some paper flowers that I made by attaching brads to hold them together. You just put the brads in and attach them to the purse. I thought it was fun and great for a little girl!

First attempt at a sweater

I have been working on this sweater off and on since May. I was really excited to make it. So I was a little disappointed when I finished :(. It turned out a bit smaller than it was supposed to be. Also, it was hard to hide the seam when I stitched it together. Both my fault! So at least my niece, Emma Grace was dying for it to be hers. At least she likes my crocheting skills or lack there of.

I added some flair and made it look the best it could considering the circumstances. Here is the link for the pattern and what it was supposed to look like.