Monday, June 18, 2012

Virginia Tech Yard

Can you tell who my favorite team is? We love our Hokies around here! We are in the heart of Hokie Country and love to show off our spirit. We have a few...umhum.. a lot of Hokie Decor! Just thought I would share some of my pics of the yard! Enjoy!

As a Hokie. there is no such thing as too much flair!!!

Patio Decor

Continuing on with my decorating of the front porch... with burlap... my new thang!

I made some cool burlap pillows to put on the front porch to match the wreath I made and the new cushions.

I bought the burlap at Jo Ann Fabric. It is really cheap. Then I cut the burlap into squares, and sewed the 3 sides up. Then I free hand painted the J on them. I waited until after I sewed the sides because I knew that it would be crooked if I did it first. I have a problemo with keeping things straight. So, I slid some newspaper inside so the paint would not go thru the back. I painted a couple of coats on the J. Stuffed if with stuffing, and sewed up the bottom. I think they look great. It was super easy.

Now I guess I have a themed front porch. Burlap and Monograms! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Summer Decor

Sorry I have been slacking, like really slacking. I have completed some cool new crafts lately, just been too lazy to post about them. I will try to be better!

Firsts things First, I made a super cute wreath for my front door. It was so easy. Message me if you would like the instructions on how I made it. So simple and inexpensive. I think it turned out great. I am totally digging the monogram thing.

What do you think?

I also made some seat cushions for the bench and rocking chairs on my front porch. I got some foam and fabric from JoAnns. It was on sale which was a bonus. Whipped them up, added a little color to the front porch. I am pleased.

Just wait until you see what I am cooking up in my head! I will try to get busy with it this weekend. Also, some other cuteness coming later on! Here is a hint, flower girl dresses! Yay!