Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New found food blog

I was honored to do hair for a wedding party this past weekend. It was on a beautiful farm in Lexington, VA. I met a ton of cool, new people like I normally do when I do weddings. So, I met this cool girl named Kath. I started talking to her while I did her hair (below) and realized that she is awesome!

She has her own, very successful blog. She is kinda famous in the blog world. She blogs about food, and she recently had a baby. She also blogged about being pregnant and now its about the baby. Also very cool.

I have never met someone who actually has a blog, let alone, a successful one. I loved going through and reading her post and looking at her pics. She posted pics on her blog from the wedding. i got kind of excited because she took pics of her hair, that I did. Anywho, I thought it was cool because thousands of people read her blog, therefore saw her awesome hairdo!

So please enjoy her blog!

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