Sunday, March 27, 2011

Double Crochet Purse

Double Crochet Purse


2 skeins yarn – you can use any weight but I used DK
2 plastic “O” rings
Tapestry needle
Hook size H 5.00 mm


Chain 55

Row 1- single crochet in chain, turn
Row 2-8 – repeat row 1 until 3 inches wide
Row 9- double crochet in single crochet, slip stitch
Row 10-26- repeat row 9, ss at end of each row
Row 27- 28- slip stitch, fasten off


Chain 100

Row 1- double crochet in chain, turn
Row 2-5- repeat row 1, fasten off

Fold strap over “O” ring and sew with tapestry needle to attach, repeat on other side

On other end of “O” ring, single crochet on ring, 8 stitches. Repeat with other ring

With tapestry needle, attach ring to purse sewing into the single crochet

Enjoy your purse!

Bottom of Purse
Fold over on O ring


  1. I am confused. On the rows of the purse, rows 1-28 after we are done with the rows, will we fold it in half then stitch the sides together?

  2. Yes, sew together. Thanks for catching that!