Monday, March 21, 2011

Easy Crochet Flower

Here is an easy flower to make that takes just minutes. They are so fun and cute. You can attach them to any project! Enjoy!

Easy Crochet Flower

Materials needed- yarn, F needle, plastic O ring

Round 1- Anchor your yarn on the ring with a slip knot, SC all the way around circle to cover the plastic, SS to connect

Round 2- DC all the way around in the SC from round 1, SS to connect

Round 3- Chain 4, SC in next stitch from Round 2 DC, Repeat until all around.
Fasten off

For Larger Petals

Round 1-2 as above

Round 3- Chain 8, skip stitch from Round 2 DC, SC in next stitch, Repeat until all around
Fasten off

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  1. Very nice & neat with the ring! Thank you for sharing:-)