Monday, June 18, 2012

Patio Decor

Continuing on with my decorating of the front porch... with burlap... my new thang!

I made some cool burlap pillows to put on the front porch to match the wreath I made and the new cushions.

I bought the burlap at Jo Ann Fabric. It is really cheap. Then I cut the burlap into squares, and sewed the 3 sides up. Then I free hand painted the J on them. I waited until after I sewed the sides because I knew that it would be crooked if I did it first. I have a problemo with keeping things straight. So, I slid some newspaper inside so the paint would not go thru the back. I painted a couple of coats on the J. Stuffed if with stuffing, and sewed up the bottom. I think they look great. It was super easy.

Now I guess I have a themed front porch. Burlap and Monograms! Enjoy!

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