Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Burlap Bucket

So, I was trying to figure out what I could put on my front porch for some decorations. I have a wind problemo on my front porch so topiaries blow over along with everything else.

So, I went to the Farm and Tractor store and got galvanized feed bucket for about $14.99. Then I went to Joann Fabrics and got a yard of burlap. They have different colors but I chose good old natural for $3.99 a yard. Got some stencils and paint from Michaels, a glue gun and I was ready to go. Totally pulling this idea out of my butt with no real goal invisioned.

I cut the burlap to go around the bucket. I laid it our flat and painted the stencil. I did my monogram and some flourish on the sides. I used a sponge brush and black paint, dabbed it on. Once it dried I glued it on the bucket with the glue gun. I wrapped the burlap around the bottom so it wouldnt rust sitting outside. I also made a smaller one.

I put river rock in the bottom so the stinkin wind would blow it off the porch. I got some pinecones for winter decor for 99cents at Micheals. Kinda bummed bc they only had 2 bags. I need more pinecones to fill the bucket. It looks kind of lonely now. Once I get more, I think it will look awesome. I am going to add some white lights at Christmas and change the decor each season. So, since it looked pitiful with the lame amount of pine cones, I stacked the bigger bucket on the smaller.

Not quite the awesomeness I was going for, but I am pretty pleased. Once it is filled it will be epic.

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