Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update to wreath

This is an update to the wreath I made last week. The directions are on an earlier blog post.

I made a wreath for my friend who rocks, and complimented my mad skillz. Since I already made one last week, I knew I needed to tweek a few things. I painted the wooden letter that went on the wreath. I didnt know how to attach it since I used t pins to attach the fabric one. So I put velcro on the wreath and letter and ta da- attachement! I think this looks so much better and neater. I am glad my pal wanted me to make another one!

So, I am wondering if I should sell these on Etsy? What do you think? I am nervous about it. I dont know if I think its cute or if it really is. If you guys think it would sell, what price point?

Thanks so much for your feeback, I love comments!


  1. SO cute and well done! I say go for it and list it on Etsy! Only 20 cents for four months exposure and you never know. I've seen similar wreaths for sale at $30+. Do a "Buy" search for this type of wreath and look at the sales. This is totally customizable, too, which makes each wreath unique! I have an Etsy shop and some months I sell enough to make my mortgage payment. Good luck!

  2. No way! You need to send me your etsy store link. That is great. Sorry that I am now just seeing your comment, 4 months later! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!