Monday, January 9, 2012

New Wreath

After I took down all of my Christmas decorations, I got a little bummed. My front porch looked bare. I didnt feel like putting up any of my old wreaths so I thought, huh, I'll make one.

I looked through Pinterest for some ideas. I really didnt find any. They all looked too difficult to me and I also have no attention span. So if a project looks like it would take to long, Im not doing it.

So, I kind of had an idea in my head when I went to the craft store. This is what I got. Sorry for the lack of detail.

Straw wreath $2.99
Burlap Fabric $2.99- on sale- 1 yard
Organza ribbon $2.50
Wood letter $3.99
2 zebra print flowers $6.99 each ( but used 2 40% off coupons) Woot Woot
T pins $3.99

So, this project was under $20

First, I cut the Burlap fabric into 3 inch strips. I wrapped the strips around the wreath, attached them with the T pins.

Second, I attached the flowers to the wreath, also using T pins. I cut the stems off the flowers and hooked them to the wreath. I used the extra leaves to ad around the flowers.

Third, I wrapped extra burlap around the wood letter just to fill in the white on the letter.

Fourth, I wrapped the organza ribbon around the wood letter. Using my glue gun and T pins to attach.

Fifth, Attach the letter to the wreath using T pins thru the fabric into the wreath.

Lastly, using the remaining organza ribbon, loop around wreath and tie into a know to hang on wreath hanger.

Ta Da, there is your easy wreath!

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